Choosing DOT Drug and Alcohol Training for Employers

The United States Department of Transportation mandates that all companies that fall under its umbrella provide training for employees, supervisors, and managers concerning drugs and alcohol in the workplace. While the DOT does provide leeway in terms of how this training is delivered, transportation companies face significant challenges here. The best option is to find a provider capable of delivering high-quality DOT drug and alcohol training in a format that fits your organization’s needs.

Types of Training Offered

One of the first considerations when choosing a provider for DOT drug and alcohol training is the company’s training program offerings. Does the firm offer both reasonable suspicion training for supervisors and drug and alcohol awareness training for general employees? Both of these are requirements for DOT companies.

Course Delivery Method

Once, providing employees with an information packet created to enhance drug and alcohol awareness was enough. Today, the department requires more than this. General employees must complete at least 60 minutes of training, while supervisors must go through 120 minutes of training. Moreover, there are some specific components for each program. Ensuring that the provider you choose for DOT drug and alcohol training is capable of delivering those components in a format that meets your organization’s needs is imperative.

For instance, for some companies, in-house seminars and classes might be the answer. For other companies, the need for scalability, flexibility, and speed make online courses a better option. Regardless of the course delivery method, the provider should offer courses that meet the Department of Transportation standards while providing a firm understanding for the specific audience (supervisor and general employee programs are not interchangeable).


A wide range of industries falls under the DOT’s purview. The fact that each industry has its own set of regulations to follow complicates matters. Make sure the provider you choose for DOT drug and alcohol training is able to deliver courses that meet your industry’s requirements. Look for FRA, FTA, FMCSA, FAA, PHMSA, and USCG-specific courses.

Company Reputation

As a final note, make sure to compare the company’s reputation to others in the industry. Look for a training provider with a reputation for delivering high-quality, accurate training that exceeds requirements, and does so in flexible formats. Make sure the company has a long history in the industry and is recognized as an authority in the industry as well.

A Trusted Education Provider & Training Partner

Not all training companies are created equal. Our drug and alcohol training courses have been recognized and approved by certification and credentialing boards around the world to provide meaningful continuing education to their members. We are constantly being recognized by more organizations for more courses; to find out if your board has already approved one or more of our courses, please visit our approved provider list. If your organization isn’t listed there yet, you can send us an email with your name, organization, and the courses you are interested in taking and we’ll get our team working on becoming an approved provider right away.

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