How Do You Become DOT Specimen Collector?

There are numerous career possibilities within the field of DOT drug testing. Transportation companies are under a significant burden to ensure their employees are drug and alcohol free, and the US government’s regulations mean that there is constant work in this area. That kind of demand means you can have your pick of employers, or could even start your own business. The first step is to become certified. How do you become DOT certified to become a drug testing sample collector?

What’s a Sample Collector?

A sample collector does pretty much what you’d imagine given the job title. It is this individual’s responsibility to collect urine samples for testing at the laboratory. However, there’s more to it than just handing over a plastic cup to DOT company employees – a good deal more.

Sample collectors must be familiar with several things, including the following:

Employees: You’ll be responsible for dealing with the actual employees providing the sample. You need to be able to provide them with the information necessary to complete the process, as well as obtaining their identification.

Inspection: People will try many things to pass a drug test. You are the last line of defense here. You’ll have to ask employees contributing samples to empty their pockets, check the contents for anything that might interfere with the sample, ask them to leave briefcases and purses outside, and possibly even supervise the sampling process.

Records: Sample collection requires a good bit of record-keeping and organization. Samples must be labeled per industry standards, and they must be documented at several steps along the way to the lab.


The first step in how to become DOT certified to become a drug testing sample collector is to go through training and certification. This can be tricky – make sure the training provider you choose specializes in training DOT sample collectors. Non-DOT drug testing is very different, and the training process is not the same.

You should also ensure that the company provides the courses in a way that works for your needs. Online training has become the most popular solution, as it provides immense flexibility, is cheaper than in-person training, and can often be completed over a shorter span of time than conventional classroom or in-person training courses.

With the right education provider, you’ll have everything you need in how to become DOT certified to become a drug testing sample collector.

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