Continuing Education Credits

Maintaining licensure means proving to your industry, your clients, your employers, partners, and your customers that you are committed to continued excellence and ongoing professional development. At, we are proud to not only work to help you grow as a career professional, but also offer courses which may be eligible for Continuing Education Credits!

What are Continuing Education Credits?

These are quantifiable personal gains that are recognized by licensing bodies and designation-issuing authorities which prove that you are making progress and growth as a career professional within your industry.  Essentially, you are making an effort to stay up to date and grow as a professional.

Which courses are eligible for continuing education credits?

To find out if a specific course is pre-approved for continuing education credits, select the course from the “Courses” page and then expand the “Continuing Education” drop-down. All organizations the course is approved with will appear under that tab with the activity number it has been assigned. We are constantly expanding our continuing education courses with industry regulators and designation issues.

If you do not see your organization listed on one of our courses, but believe our course may be eligible for continuing education credits, please contact us and we may be able to submit our courses for approval with them directly.

Which organizations and boards are we an approved provider for?

We are currently registered as an Approved Education Provider for the following organizations and boards to offer continuing education credits. This list is continually growing, if you do not see your organization listed below please contact us at 1-888-390-5574 and we will work with you to help you earn CE credits.

How can we help you?

If you have any questions about our courses or would like to talk to a instructor please contact us at 1-888-390-5574.

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