Our FRA Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion and Post-Accident Toxicological Testing Training course is a 3.5-hour training course that includes the required 60-minutes of training on alcohol misuse, and 60-minutes on substance use, and also includes Post-Accident Toxicological Testing Training. Did you know that DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors and employees is required for all employers regulated by the Federal Railroad Administration under the 49 C.F.R. Part 219? In addition, all covered supervisors must complete post-accident toxicological testing training in order to make determinations to test after a rail-related accident.

Enroll now, start learning immediately, obtain a certificate of completion in only a few hours, start recognizing the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse, and making post-accident drug and alcohol testing determinations.

Why should you enroll in the FRA Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion and Post-Accident Toxicological Testing Training?

  • Credits Never Expire
  • 3.5 Hours of Learning
  • DOT & FRA Compliant
  • Instant Course Access
  • Approved for CE Credits
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  • According to the United States Department of Transportation Federal Railroad Administration, covered Employers must provide training to all persons who supervise covered employees.
  • In particular 49 C.F.R. Part 219.11(g) indicates:
    • “Each supervisor responsible for regulated employees (except a working supervisor who is a co-worker as defined in § 219.5) must be trained in the signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug influence, intoxication, and misuse consistent with a program of instruction to be made available for inspection upon demand by FRA. Such a program shall, at a minimum, provide information concerning the acute behavioral and apparent physiological effects of alcohol, the major drug groups on the controlled substances list, and other impairing drugs Reasonable Suspicion Training. The program must also provide training on the qualifying criteria for post-accident toxicological testing contained in subpart C of this part, and the role of the supervisor in post-accident collections described in subpart C and appendix C of this part Post-Accident Toxicological Testing Training.”
  • Avoid safety risks, fines, and other liability by identifying the signs and symptoms of substance use and abuse in the workplace and making appropriate post-accident testing determinations.
  • Embed a trust seal directly on your website so your customers can instantly verify your education and commitment to a drug-free workplace.

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  • A comprehensive online training program consisting of videos, documents, resources, and PowerPoints
  • Online exam
  • Same-day certificate issuance (printable online)
  • DOT Supervisor Training Course (Alcohol): 1 hour
  • DOT Supervisor Training Course (Drugs): 1.5 hours
  • DOT Post Accident Toxicological Testing Training: 1 hour


  • Successful supervisors will be able to recognize suspicious activity and behavior with a 100% proficiency.
  • Successful supervisors will be able to make post accident toxicological testing determinations with a 100% proficiency.
  • Successful students will be able to express an understanding of industry terms and the protocols involved with the 49 CFR Part 382 by completing an online quiz with 75% or greater proficiency.


This course includes informal and formal assessment techniques including quantitative and qualitative strategies. Course exams utilizing a number of random questions taken from a larger question pool assess the understanding of key terms and concepts within the curriculum while the interactive videos provide a summative and qualitative assessment through demonstrations designed to assess students’ preparedness for a variety of real-world scenarios.


  • Rail foremen
  • Hours of service supervisors
  • Supervisors of FRA-regulated employees
  • Designated Employer Representatives of FRA-regulated employers


  • The DOT requires that all covered supervisors undergo supervisor reasonable suspcion training and the FRA requires that all covered supervisors undergo Post Accident Toxicological Testing Training.
  • Trained supervisors can recognize safety risks early and have a higher probability of intervening before an accident or injury.
  • Trained supervisors can make the right call in determining whether to test an employee after a qualified accident.
  • This course includes helpful diagrams, checklists, and reference materials for use in making determinations to test.
  • Work at your own pace. Course credits never expire and supervisors can take as long as they need to pass the course.


Students will need access to a computer with reliable internet access. The computer must be able to play video. Our videos are optimized for FlashPlayer.


There is no luck involved with becoming number one in an industry. To be on top you can’t just do what is expected; you must go above and beyond what is expected, you must innovate and come up with new methods of helping students accomplish their goals by providing some of the most cutting-edge solutions the industry has to offer. So what makes us different?


  • Our lead instructor, Andrew Easler, has a four-year Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Central Florida and is a master of corporate training.
  • Our courses are original and thoughtfully made. When we launched in 2013, our goal was to become the “Harvard” of the drug, alcohol, and DNA Paternity testing training business.
  • We are an Approved Education Provider with many human resources certification organizations throughout the world and we offer continuing education credits (CE Credits) with the majority of our courses.
  • Our learning management system is robust and highly engaging. It allows students to work at the best pace that suits them for maximum learning and content retention. Our students don’t feel rushed into “cramming” for a course only to forget the material a week later and therefore perform better in practice and make less mistakes than traditional training environments.
  • All students receive lifetime access to their purchased courses until finished; review the course at any time from anywhere in the world.
  • Immediate certificate issuance after passing the course so you can start utilizing your skills right away. We can also mail you a beautiful, frame-able certificate that you will want to proudly display on your wall.


This course may take longer or shorter to complete depending on student pace, reading, and comprehension level. Here is a breakdown of the average time for this course:

  • DOT Supervisor Training Course (Alcohol): 1 hour
  • DOT Supervisor Training Course (Drugs): 1.5 hours
  • FRA Post Accident Toxicological Testing Training: 1 hour
FRA Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion & Toxicological Testing Training

This FRA Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion And Post-Accident Toxicological Testing Training course cover both training requirements from the FRA.

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