Employers who enact drug-free workplace programs not subject to federal regulations should enroll in this bundle. This package is perfect for those employers who wish to move all or a part of their drug-free workplace administration and testing in-house. This bundle will prepare the Drug and Alcohol Program Manager (DAPM) or their designee to manage a Non-DOT testing program and conduct Non-DOT testing in accordance with state law and company policy. Most employers in North America with a drug-free workplace program fall under this category. Examples of employers who would register for this course include construction companies not subject to federal regulations, warehouses and manufacturing companies without drivers with a Commercial Driver’s License, certain local governments.

This course bundle combines the following courses:

  • DOT/Non-DOT Breath Alcohol Technician Training
    • This comprehensive course is provided for all makes and models of NHTSA-approved Evidential Breath Testing Devices (EBT Devices)—don’t get stuck buying a device that matches your trainer, use your own device or purchase the device you prefer.
    • This Breath Alcohol Technician Training course meets all three requirements of 49 C.F.R. Part 40.213 for Basic Information, Qualification Training, and Initial Proficiency Demonstrations in one transparent price.
  • Non-DOT Urine Specimen Collector Training
    • This course is designed to train collectors on state-specific testing protocols for collecting urine specimens under company authority rather than federal (DOT) authority.
    • This course includes instant testing procedures, shy bladder protocols, privacy concerns, and other vital distinctions between DOT and Non-DOT urine protocols.
  • Non-DOT Saliva/Oral Fluid Specimen Collector Training
    • Growing in popularity, saliva testing for drugs has become one of the most popular options on the market for in-house testing programs for its simplicity, ability to collect under direct observation, limited detection window, and non-invasive nature.
    • This course covers protocols for both “collect-only” and rapid screening of saliva samples under company authority (Non-DOT) protocols.
  • Employer Guidance for the Drug-Free Workplace
    • Just starting the transition of all or part of your testing program in-house? You will need to set up one or more contracts with a laboratory to send specimens for screening and/or confirmation. You may need assistance with reviewing and implementing existing policies and procedures.

Select at least one course from each of the categories below:

  • State Drug Testing Laws
    • We have a course for each state in the US, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico. Employers who are managing a drug testing program under company authority must be familiar with the laws of the jurisdictions in which they operate.
  • Designated Employer Representative (DER) Course(s)
    • The Designated Employer Representative is the person who is ultimately in charge of the drug-free workplace policy at the company and is responsible for making crucial decisions regarding the testing process including determinations of refusals to test, compliance with return-to-duty and follow-up testing, managing random testing programs, and answering questions regarding every step of the process.
    • Employers who are federally regulated must designate a DER and many often have multiple assistant DERs depending on the size of the company.
    • The DER must be intimately familiar with the applicable federal regulations, state regulations, and the company drug-free workplace policy.
    • This bundle includes:
Non-DOT Drug Testing Training Bundle for Employers

This non-DOT drug testing bundle for employers will prepare a DAPM to manage a non-DOT testing program with state laws & company policy.

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