DrugTestingCourses.com and EaslerLMS provide technology and industry-specific learning courses so you can sell online and in-person training courses directly from your own website, earn a commission while we do all the work such as process payments, offer full customer service and support, even conduct mock demonstrations, and update content on a very regular basis. 

The Reseller 450 program includes the following:

  • $999 set-up fee
  • No monthly fees
  • Earn 25% gross commission for online training
  • Earn 15% gross commission for in-person training
  • Earn 5% gross override of any others you set-up on our training portal for life
  • Website hosting, support, and onboarding
  • Industry-Specific drug and alcohol testing courses
  • Earn commission on any courses you sell tracked in real-time.
  • Phone support M-F 9 am to 9 PM Est. time
  • Custom course content made upon request*

Why sign up with our reseller program?

  • We do the work. We write the courses, publish the courses in our exclusive Learning Management System (LMS), update the courses regularly, and manage the entire learning process from start to finish.
  • Why is that important? Managing a training organization with a full staff of instructors, instructional designers, subject matter experts, administrative staff, and programmers working to maintain, update and grow a full library of courses isn’t cheap. Becoming a reseller allows you to take advantage of the benefits of a training company without all of the risk.
  • Can you afford not to? No matter what kind of service agent you are, if you are providing advice or services in the drug and alcohol testing industry your clients are inevitably going to need training. Whether they get training from you or your competitor is up to you.
  • Increase your bottom line. In addition to the strategic value of keeping your clients “in-house” the reseller program is designed to provide economic value as well. Resellers split the sale of every course they offer. The amount resellers earn depends on the Tier. As illustrated in the chart below, by increasing the Tier a reseller can essentially “buy up” their portion of the revenue split.
  • We Promote Your In-Person Training Courses: Qualified trainers who sign up for the “Reseller 3000” program and have taken our train-the-trainer bundle are able to promote their in-person training courses directly on DrugTestingCourses.com and our reseller sites