Have you always wanted to start your own drug and alcohol testing business? If so, it’s important to create a proper business plan and know what you’re getting into first before spending your hard-earned money on drug and alcohol testing courses, rent payments, equipment, and all the other costs that are associated with starting a drug testing business.

This course was developed to help you make an informed decision before jumping into the drug testing industry with both feet and will cover basic industry topics like compliance, history and growth outlook, the different types of services you can offer, basic marketing, and equipment, and software selection.

In addition to covering basic topics, you will also receive up to ten-hours of virtual one-on-one coaching with one of our expert drug testing instructors and industry business coaches who can answer questions and help you create a business plan. This package allows you to purchase additional business planning services such as in-person coaching, virtual business coaching, and mentoring time at our preferred date.


An overview of the drug testing industry that consists of videos, documents, resources, and up to ten hours with a personal business coach to help guide you with the following:

  • Compliance: Should you incorporate? Which type of entity is right for your business? Do you need a business license?
  • History and Growth Outlook: How did the drug testing industry start? How big is it now? Is it growing?
  • Services: Which services might be right for your business to offer?
  • Marketing: Where and how should you market? Who is your target market?
  • Equipment: With a wide variety of choices to make, how do you know which equipment will best fit the services you provide?
  • Business Coaching: Up to ten hours of staggered one-on-one business coaching with one of our instructors and business consultants who can help narrow down your business’s focus and help you develop a plan.


Successful students will be able to evaluate the benefits and risks involved with starting a drug testing business, determine whether the drug and alcohol testing industry is right for them, determine an approximate start-up cost for their preferred business model, and evaluate the steps necessary to get started.


This course includes informal assessment techniques including qualitative strategies. One-on-one interviewing with the instructor provides a summative and qualitative assessment through questioning designed to assess students’ preparedness for real-world applications.


  • Entrepreneurs: Are you starting a new business or own an existing business and would like to add drug testing services to your portfolio? This drug testing business start-up introduction will help you get started and develop a strategy for growth.
  • Collectors needing business advice: Are you an existing collector with a drug testing business that could be doing better? This course may help you develop a new strategy which should help you target weak points in your business and form a new strategic approach to growth.
  • Prospective drug testing business owners: Not sure if drug testing is right for you just yet? This course will give you all of the industry background and forecasts necessary to make a more informed decision on whether or not this business is a good fit for you.


  • BE PREPARED: As someone who is considering starting or buying a drug and alcohol testing business its important to have a good understanding of the drug testing industry, why do you want to start your own business, where to find customers, and can the business be profitable.
  • REDUCE RISK: Instead of jumping in with both feet and spending your hard-earned money on courses and equipment, this experience will help you determine whether the drug and alcohol testing industry is right for you.
  • GET THE RIGHT INFORMATION: This course will cover basic industry basics like compliance, history and growth outlook, the different types of services you can offer, basic marketing, and equipment selection, plus talk to an expert instructor who actually started their own drug testing business from scratch.
  • NO PRESSURE: Work at your own pace: whether you are starting your own business or enhancing an existing career in the industry, time is hard to come by. Work on your time and at your own pace.


Students will only need access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone with reliable internet access.


Once completed with this course, students go on to take other courses to start their business offering testing and collection services at an office facility or as a mobile service.


There is no luck involved with becoming number one in an industry. To be on top you can’t just do what is expected; you must go above and beyond what is expected, you must innovate and come up with new methods of helping students accomplish their goals by providing some of the most cutting-edge solutions the industry has to offer. So what makes us different?

  • Our lead instructor, Andrew Easler, has a four-year Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Central Florida and is a master of corporate training.
  • Our courses are original and thoughtfully made. When we launched in 2013, our goal was to become the “Harvard” of the drug, alcohol, and DNA Paternity testing training business.
  • We are an Approved Education Provider with many human resources certification organizations throughout the world and we offer continuing education credits (CE Credits) with the majority of our courses.
  • Our learning management system is robust and highly engaging. It allows students to work at the best pace that suits them for maximum learning and content retention. Our students don’t feel rushed into “cramming” for a course only to forget the material a week later and therefore perform better in practice and make fewer mistakes than traditional training environments.
  • All students receive lifetime access to their purchased courses until finished; review the course at any time from anywhere in the world.
  • Immediate certificate issuance after passing the course so you can start testing and specimen collection right away. We can also mail you a beautiful, frame-able certificate that you will want to proudly display on your wall.


This course is self-paced and designed to give students back what they put into it. Some aspects of the course involve creating/modifying a business plan, while others simply get students to start defining specific aspects of the business they would like to start. Some students complete the course in less than an hour, others spend weeks developing a polished plan.

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