How do those who contract DOT Urine Specimen Collectors know that the individuals they are hiring have met the minimum qualifications for performing federal collections? They must either review the certificates and proof of training documents of each and every collector they hire for accuracy and compliance or they can trust the Verified Specimen Collector (VSC) designation. Stand out from your competition by showcasing your qualification and competency in drug testing through the Verified Specimen Collector (VSC) designation, an independent and objective evaluation of your qualification to perform federal drug tests in accordance with federal regulations.

Complete the entire process online: enroll here, receive your login credentials within five minutes, take and pass an online exam, and submit your initial proficiency demonstrations from your training for review. Our instructors will review the proof of training documents for accuracy and compliance with federal regulations and, once deemed compliant (typically within one to two business days), issue your Verified Specimen Collector (VSC) designation.

The Verified Specimen Collector designation is awarded to individuals who are verified as having met the minimum qualifications for federal urine specimen collection, also commonly known as DOT Urine Specimen Collection. This designation requires that individuals provide evidence of competency through the completion of an online exam and the presentation of evidence of having completed the necessary five error-free mock collections per federal regulations.

Individuals who have not yet completed a qualifying DOT Urine Specimen Collector course must do so as a pre-requisite to approval as a Verified Specimen Collector. Those individuals who complete the DOT Urine Specimen Collector Course through have the Verified Specimen Collector Application included in course enrollment at no extra charge.

Once verified, the Verified Specimen Collector may elect to be listed on the exclusive database of verified service providers trusted by employers and their agents across North America who use the database to search for drug and alcohol testing providers qualified to conduct testing. Learn more about this program at

Do you also offer DOT Breath Alcohol Testing? Become a Verified Breath Alcohol Technician through our Verified Breath Alcohol Technician Application.