What You Need to Know About Drug Test Training and Certification

If you are trying to understand the options available to you for drug test training and certification, you’ve come to the right place. Below you will find the information you need to choose the certification that will work best for you and your business.

Drug test training and certification is required if you are going to be a urine specimen collector, a breath alcohol technician, a hair specimen collector, or you are interested in saliva or oral fluid collecting. However, if you want to be able to perform breath alcohol and urine specimen collection services for the Department of Transportation employees, you will require specialized DOT training.

DOT Drug Test Training and Certification

The DOT has strict procedures and requirements for both urine collectors and breath alcohol technicians. These include the requirements covered in the 49 CFR Part 40, which are guidelines that all specimen collectors and Breath Alcohol Technicians must follow. These guidelines include specific protocols that must be followed to ensure that all collections – even those that are questionable or adulterated – are handled appropriately.

Breath alcohol technician training is also highly detailed to ensure each test is handled appropriately and with as much privacy as possible for the person being tested. These guidelines are also outlined in the 49 CFR Part 40 guidelines.

Both urine specimen collectors and breath alcohol technicians are also required to perform mock collections to demonstrate their understanding through a variety of scenarios before they can complete their certification process.

Non-DOT Drug Test Training and Certification

There are also courses that provide Rapid Collection certification, which is not used or acceptable for DOT purposes as of April 2016. These courses also ensure that collectors have an understanding of the correct procedures and collection methods, though these are often not as strict as those required for the United States DOT.

Consider Your Course Options

The best way to approach your decision on drug test training and certification is to consider the adage, “if you build it, they will come.” While it is important to consider the location of your business and the services you want to offer relative to the demand in the area, the more services you offer the more attractive your facility or your services will become to prospective customers and employers. Simply having the DOT qualification training, because it is so strict, can be appealing to employers not federally regulated as you demonstrate a commitment to the profession and know-how to ensure the safety and security of the entire collection and testing process.

One of the best options for your drug test training and certification is to opt for a course that includes everything you may want to offer. There are courses that are complete drug testing training packages that will ensure that you can handle all types of testing, including those that require DOT certification. These options are much more cost-effective than trying to add each certification one at a time, and you’ll also speed up the process.

A Trusted Education Provider & Training Partner

Not all training companies are created equal. Our drug and alcohol training courses have been recognized and approved by certification and credentialing boards around the world to provide meaningful continuing education to their members. We are constantly being recognized by more organizations for more courses; to find out if your board has already approved one or more of our courses, please visit our approved provider list. If your organization isn’t listed there yet, you can send us an email with your name, organization, and the courses you are interested in taking and we’ll get our team working on becoming an approved provider right away.

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