Expert Witness For Drug Testing Cases

Founded in 2012 by career educator Andrew Easler, Easler Education offers comprehensive online and in-person career development and federally regulated and non-federally regulated drug and alcohol testing courses across the United States, Canada, and internationally.

Mr. Easler specializes in developing and improving all aspects of a drug-free workplace including the training, rules, regulations, procedures and practices of federally regulated and non-federally regulated drug and alcohol testing.

Mr. Easler has been invited to train and consult with universities, municipalities, tribal organizations, and global engineering and rail firms. His courses are widely adopted throughout the industry including the National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association (NDASA) and other industry experts consisting of federal auditors and training providers. Among his library of over 20 industry-specific courses, Mr. Easler has developed a unique Designated Employer Representative (DER) training program for each DOT agency covered by the 49 CFR Part 40.

As a career educator, Andrew Easler earned his Bachelor of Science in Education in 2014 from the University of Central Florida. He was recognized by the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) as an R-CPCT, a designation only awarded to approximately 40 experts across the nation in drug and alcohol testing programs and procedures. He has also been recognized by DATIA as a Certified Designated Employer Representative Trainer (C-DER Trainer).

Mr. Easler has published widely on topics related to his profession including federally regulated and non-federally regulated drug and alcohol testing program management including three professional textbooks. Mr. Easler consulted with numerous organizations and institutions concerning their policies and procedures for federally regulated and non-federally regulated drug and alcohol testing. His courses are recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) as well as dozens of state licensing boards.

Mr. Easler is available as an expert witness to testify in matters related to drug and alcohol testing procedures and policies.

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Meet Andrew Easler, B.Ed

Andrew Easler
Andrew D. Easler, co-founder of Easler Education Inc.

Andrew David Easler started his career in the United States Air Force and, subsequent to an honorable discharge, earned his Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Central Florida.

As an entrepreneur and passionate corporate trainer he started and sold many businesses including a successful drug and alcohol testing company which became a springboard for leadership in the industry and has also developed corporate training programs and certification courses for various organizations across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Andrew specializes in educational technology integration and inter-curricular relationship recognition and utilization. Lastly, as a believer in career-adaptability and the necessity for ongoing professional education, Andrew has also developed an entire repertoire of professional curricula designed to maintain and enhance the potential value of any entrepreneur or employee in a dynamic economic environment.

Today, Andrew is currently enrolled at Florida A & M University College of Law working toward his JD with a focus on employment and health law and will graduate in 2020.

Edcuation & Training

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Florida A&M University College of Law  Orlando, FL
Candidate for Juris Doctor (December 2020)

University of Central Florida  Orlando, FL
Bachelor of Science in English Language Arts Education (August 2014)


  • Regularly trains and consults with public and private employers across North America in all aspects of federal and state drug and alcohol policy.
  • Masters over 23 independent certifications in areas related to drug and alcohol policy to become one of less than forty trainers to maintain a Regional Certified Professional Collector Trainer (R-CPCT) designation acknowledging top expertise in state and federal drug and alcohol testing law.
  • Conceptualizes, develops, and implements EaslerLMS, a custom Learning Management System for employee training programs widely adopted in the industry.
  • Drafts and publishes supplemental textbooks on related federal regulations.
  • Researches, develops, publishes, and oversees several dozen successful online training courses related drug and alcohol testing and awareness reaching over 10,000 individuals and companies internationally.
  • Collaborates with corporate and tribal counsel across the United States to develop, implement, and maintain drug and alcohol testing programs in compliance with federal regulations.


Andrew has published a variety of industry specific text books which can all be found on his author profile at on

  • A GUIDE TO USCG DRUG & ALCOHOL TESTING REGULATIONS: Required Regulations and Pro Tips From Acclaimed Trainer Andrew Easler (2019).
  • A GUIDE TO FEDERAL REGULATIONS ON DRUG & ALCOHOL TESTING: Required Regulations and Pro Tips From Acclaimed Trainer Andrew Easler (2019).
  • A GUIDE TO FMCSA DRUG & ALCOHOL TESTING REGULATIONS: Required Regulations and Pro Tips From Acclaimed Trainer Andrew Easler (2019).

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Not all training companies are created equal. Our drug and alcohol training courses have been recognized and approved by certification and credentialing boards around the world to provide meaningful continuing education to their members. We are constantly being recognized by more organizations for more courses; to find out if your board has already approved one or more of our courses, please visit our approved provider list. If your organization isn’t listed there yet, you can send us an email with your name, organization, and the courses you are interested in taking and we’ll get our team working on becoming an approved provider right away.