Hybrid Training Program

This program combines an online training component with a summative in-person training component. Trainees can complete an online component prior to meeting with an instructor either on-site or in our classroom where theory meets application in demonstrations, mock collections, and question and answer sessions.

This method works well with those desiring an in-person experience, but are on an extremely limited schedule, allowing trainees to complete coursework at their own pace while reducing necessary in-person class time.


  • Experience the course in-person and online
  • May allow the instructor to tour your facility and provide advice or for students to tour our facility
  • Training location is your choice
  • Students have the opportunity to apply theory to practice immediately and in front of the instructor
  • Camaraderie and team-building opportunities
  • Complete courses quickly and thoroughly
  • Good for introverts and extroverts


  • Travel expenses
  • Students do not receive certificates immediately after course completion
  • Demonstrations must be scheduled ahead of time
  • May need to take (albeit less) time off of work

Contact us today to enroll in a Hybrid Training Program, or learn about your other options: Online-onlyTraining in our Classroom, and On-Site Training

How can we help you?

If you have any questions about our courses or would like to talk to a instructor please contact us at 1-888-390-5574.

After looking at the competition I was very impressed with the website and how easy it was to begin a course. I had a few questions, and when I called I was delighted to talk to Andrew who was very friendly, helpful and even provided me with some good ideas on how to start my drug testing business! I would highly recommend them to anyone who want’s to start a drug testing business.

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Amy Tan
Entrepreneur , Cay Accounting Services

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