The Importance of Urine Testing

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has noted that urinalysis testing has been implemented for many employees, both current and prospective, and that the annual loss of productivity caused by employees who abuse either drugs or alcohol is estimated to be a startling one hundred billion dollars – a third of that is due to drug abuse. It’s not surprising, therefore, that employers are increasingly relying on urine testing to weed out employees who are users of illicit substances. In Canada, the annual loss of productivity is estimated at around 823 million dollars.

Of course we all know that athletes are frequently subjected to drug testing and the Department of Transportation mandates rigorous testing for anyone involved in the transportation industry. More and more, though, private employers are testing their employees and the law nationally and statewide supports their right to do so. In Canada, private employers are also entitled to perform drug testing on their workers as a condition of employment.

Why Urine Testing?

So, why urine testing, as opposed to blood screens or hair analysis? The answer is simple – urine drug screening works better. With a blood sample, a drug may only be present in the blood for a few hours. With urine testing, that same drug can be identified for one day, three days, or even up to thirty days, depending on the type of drug that has been used.

Of course, urine testing isn’t going to identify every drug known to mankind.  And although urine testing can prove the presence of a drug, it can’t necessarily conclusively prove the drug’s absence.

It’s virtually impossible to fake a urine test. Although there are several supposed methods for “fooling” the lab, none of them really work. Urinalysis technicians have an array of methods that are available to them that can detect whether or not the urine has been tampered with, or the person being tested has tried to increase the output of the urine in order to dilute the presence of the drug.

Because drug testing is now so prevalent in our society, urine collecting and testing is creating opportunities for employment in virtually every sector. Although we probably most often think of drug testing in the context of the transportation industry, it’s ubiquitous. In fact, even a number of schools routinely test their student athletes for the presence of drugs, usually by means of urine analysis.

Employment Opportunities in the Field of Urine Testing

Our DOT Collector Urine Training Course graduates students who are in compliance with CFR 49 Part 40 requirements. They are qualified to collect urine samples on-site, and conduct initial examinations of those samples. This course is also suitable for anyone who is seeking work or a promotion in the field of drug testing, and can even provide you with the skills and knowledge you’d need to open your own part-time or full-time in the rapidly expanding field of drug testing.

A Trusted Education Provider & Training Partner

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