On-Site Training

Sometimes the logistics of training large groups in-person become exceedingly complicated. Travel, time, and expenses increase exponentially as the number of trainees increase. It may be more practical to have one instructor travel to your local facility than have several trainees travel to our facility.

For this reason, we offer an on-site training option. This may not only cut down on costs and logistical issues, but it also gives the instructor the opportunity to learn more about how an existing collection facility is operated or help design the optimal layout for a new facility.

For a free quote please send an email to info@drugtestingcourses.com or call us.


  • Experience the course in-person
  • Allows the instructor to tour your facility and provide advice
  • Plentiful supplies on-hand, no supply/device transit logistics for training
  • Training location is your choice
  • Not distracted by trainees not affiliated with your organization
  • Little to no travel costs for trainees
  • Students have the opportunity to learn in the actual environment they will be working in, applying theory to practice immediately and in front of the instructor.
  • Camaraderie and team-building opportunities
  • Complete courses quickly and thoroughly
  • Good for those who do not do well with online courses
  • Excellent for extroverts, good for introverts


  • Must pay for an instructor to travel to the location of your choice (though often cheaper than sending several students to our location)
  • Students do not receive certificates immediately after course completion
  • Courses must be scheduled ahead of time
  • Trainees do not network with other collectors/technicians outside of the organization
  • May need to take time off of work