Training in our Classroom

If you choose this route, you and/or your employees can elect to attend a course held at our facility. Our primary traininTraining in our Classroomg office is located in Melbourne, Florida. This option is perfect for smaller groups, those who have not set up a collection facility yet, or are planning on starting with mobile services.

This gives trainees the opportunity to tour our adjoining, fully-functional facility as an example of best practices and optimal procedures for collection and screening. Our facility is equipped to provide all of the services we offer as courses to the public, so students may also be able to learn a little more about other services they may be able to provide at their own facilities and what that may involve before electing to take that training course.


  • Experience the course in-person
  • Tour an active facility
  • Plentiful supplies on-hand, no supply/device transit logistics for training
  • Receive certificates immediately after course completion
  • Small group training
  • Unique learning and networking opportunities training with collectors and technicians with varied experience levels and perspectives
  • No need to use your own facility
  • Complete courses quickly and thoroughly
  • Good for those who do not do well with online courses
  • Excellent for extroverts


  • Space is limited (not large enough for groups larger than 15),
  • Courses must be scheduled ahead of time,
  • Trainees may be learning with other students of varied experience levels,
  • Held during the day (may need to take time off of work)
  • May need to travel

Contact us today to book a course in our classroom, or learn about your other options: Online-onlyHybrid Training Program, and On-Site Training.