What is Employer DOT Drug Testing Supervisor Training?

Transportation companies have a responsibility to their customers and clients to provide safe, reliable transport from one place to another. That applies whether you run a bus company, a limo company, an airline, or something completely different. While there are several important aspects of safety that revolve around employee training and vehicle maintenance, drug and alcohol abuse can be a significant threat. DOT drug testing supervisor training provides managers and supervisors with the skills and knowledge to cope with this issue.

Is it Really Necessary?

Yes, DOT drug testing supervisor training is necessary. The federal government mandates that all transportation companies, regardless of the number of covered employees, provide supervisors with access to a qualified training program. The government also mandates that all transportation companies create a drug and alcohol abuse policy and supply all drivers/vehicle operators with a copy of that policy.

What is DOT Drug Testing Supervisor Training?

You’ll find a degree of variation in the training and education industry when it comes to this type of training, but all programs must provide participants with the same core knowledge. All programs must include the following:

• 60 minutes of training on alcohol misuse
• 60 minutes of training on controlled substances

The program must total at least 120 minutes, and the alcohol and controlled substance segments cannot be combined – they must be separate blocks of at least 60 minutes in duration dedicated to that specific topic.

The skills learned during these courses will provide supervisors with the ability to do several things. Chief among those is the ability to identify the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse on the part of drivers and other transportation employees. Supervisors will also be able to enforce the company’s policy regarding drug and alcohol use (usually a zero-tolerance policy), as well as provide help for employees struggling with drug and alcohol problems, such as addiction.

Finding the Right DOT Drug Testing Supervisor Training

There are two primary formats for delivering drug and alcohol supervisor training for transportation companies – classroom and online courses. Traditional classroom courses are beginning to fall by the wayside due to their inflexibility and cost. Online DOT drug testing supervisor training has become the most popular option because it can be tailored to meet specific scheduling needs, is very affordable, and can be completed from the office or even from home.

A Trusted Education Provider & Training Partner

Not all training companies are created equal. Our drug and alcohol training courses have been recognized and approved by certification and credentialing boards around the world to provide meaningful continuing education to their members. We are constantly being recognized by more organizations for more courses; to find out if your board has already approved one or more of our courses, please visit our approved provider list. If your organization isn’t listed there yet, you can send us an email with your name, organization, and the courses you are interested in taking and we’ll get our team working on becoming an approved provider right away.

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