Workplace Drug Testing Laws

Are you drug testing employees but need to know the workplace drug testing laws in your state? We have simple, easy-to-understand courses designed for business owners, compliance officers, human resource professionals, employment attorneys, third party administrators, service providers, and drug testing industry consultants.

Workplace drug testing laws vary widely from state to state and often change from year-to-year–sometimes even changing several times a year. These courses will give you a snapshot of the current legal landscape in the jurisdiction including important current state constitutional law, statutory authority, administrative rules, top case law, and workers’ compensation and unemployment benefit rules regarding employees who have tested positive on the job.

Employee Drug Testing Laws By State

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Who needs to learn and understand drug testing laws?

Employers, laboratories, collection sites, substance abuse professionals, third-party administrators, medical review officers, and other service agents should be familiar with the workplace drug and alcohol testing laws in the state or states in which they operate. However, employees, labor unions, and labor and employment attorneys also benefit from the information provided in these courses.

When and how often should you take a course on drug testing laws?

Whether through legislation such as a medical marijuana bill or through common law such as a recent and important court case, the law on drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is one of the most rapidly evolving categories of the law. Therefore, we highly recommend taking one of these courses for each state in which you operate annually.

Where can you take a drug testing law course?

All of our courses are available online and on-demand. You can enroll by selecting the state or states below in which you operate, continue through registration, and a set of login instructions will be emailed to you within minutes. In some instances, this information may be delayed if the course is undergoing an important update or review to ensure the most current drug and alcohol testing law information is conveyed.

Why are drug testing laws so important to understand?


A prospective employee admits to using marijuana but has evidence of a legal marijuana prescription. Your policy prohibits the use of marijuana. Is this a violation? It depends on the state. In some states considering this a violation is against the law as prohibited discrimination, in another state you may be subject to liability for negligent hiring practices if you place her in a safety-sensitive position and she causes injury.

Money on the Table

Studies show that drugs and alcohol in the workplace contribute to more accidents, absenteeism, lower productivity, and decreased morale which create indirect costs on the workplace. It often makes sense for an employer to adopt a program. Many states provide financial incentives for adopting a drug and alcohol free workplace program in the form of workers’ compensation insurance premium rebates or discounts. These benefits are unique to the state, but you may never learn about them unless you take a workplace drug and alcohol testing course.

Lawful Activity

High turnover employers prefer to get drug and alcohol testing results instantly. Many resort to instant testing urine or saliva to achieve this goal. However, is this method lawful? This depends on the state, whether the employer has adopted a policy under the state voluntary drug-free workplace program or independent of it, and the general procedures in how a non-negative result is carried out. Understanding the state drug and alcohol testing laws is an important step in avoiding unwittingly committing unlawful activity.

Better Negotiations

Employers and labor unions often fiercely negotiate the terms of a drug-free workplace program. Critical to this negotiation process is actually knowing what limitations the state may or may not place on the terms of that bargain. Likewise, employers and their service agents (laboratories, medical review officers, collection sites, etc.) often engaging in negotiations on the price and extent of services to be rendered in the implementation of a drug-free workplace program. Both parties are at an advantage if they can express a solid understanding of the status of the laws in the state(s) which are the subject of the negotiations.

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With drug and alcohol testing laws constantly changing, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the proposed, pending, and newly enacted drug and alcohol testing laws for each state that you operate in. The content we provide is reviewed by our team of legal researchers on a regular basis to ensure the accuracy of the content. Each person who enrolls in the course will receive free law updates for the calendar year.

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For more information on drug testing laws visit the SAMHSA.

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